Top 10 Awful Mistakes That Every Amateur Blogger Make

Have you ever visited any Amateur blog?


First of all, what are Amateur blogs? Well, these are the new blogs created by newbies/beginners who just learnt about Blogging and started showcasing their skills and knowledge. They created a brand new blog to help others by teaching what they know best.

Hmm, so what’s wrong with that? Nothing! There is nothing wrong with this approach, nor in being an amateur blogger. I was also an Amateur blogger once when I started my blog.

Even, all the pro bloggers(in your niche or different) whose articles you are reading were amateur bloggers, when they started their blogging journey.

Every amateur blogger makes lots of mistakes, and it’s not bad! Because you will learn and improve by your mistakes, at the end. What only matter is, how fast they realize their mistake and what they do to fix that.

So basically in this post, I am going to combine the top 11 awful mistakes that amateur bloggers usually make. You will find how many of them you are making on your blog so you can fix them asap.

11 Awful Mistakes Amateur Bloggers Make

I have listed down the top 11 mistakes that Amateur bloggers make, there are tons of others also. But added only those which are commonly found on amateur blogs.

It’s an opportunity for you(as a new blogger), identify which mistakes you are making on your blog and prevent them from repeating again in future.

1. Not Focusing On One Niche

It’s the most common mistake that almost every new blogger do, they start their blogging journey without being focused on one niche. They write just random stuff on their blog, doesn’t matter that relevant to their blog’s niche or not!

Niche clarification is a must before starting a blog and you should be focused on your niche.

For example, you started a blog on Cooking, sharing your recipes and tutorial on how to cook this, how to cook that. You’ve written a few articles under the cooking niche and your blog started getting traffic from Google and Social Media(because of your promotion).

Now you have an audience who are interested in learning cooking, that’s the reason they came to your blog. But one day, you started writing about making money online, and related stuff.

It won’t work! Why? Because you have an audience that is interested in learning cooking not how to make money online. Also, it will confuse Google also, about your niche.

So, it is necessary to choose a niche and focus on that.

2. Not Writing In “You” & “I”

It is again the most commonly found mistake on amateur blogs. You can also call this the Robotic Approach.

I’ve seen on many blogs where bloggers use words like All of you guys, guys, all, friends, readers etc. to address their readers. It sounds like you are on a stage and talking to 100 people altogether.

Blogging is where you share something and people who are interested in the same topic reads your blog. Right?

One reader is reading your blog, alone! Not with the 10, 100 or thousands people. Right? This approach is good in seminars but definitely worst in blogging.

There are only two persons in a blog: writer and reader. That’s you and I. So, always use “You” and “I” when writing your articles.

3. Spamming For Backlinks

Backlinks are the most powerful factor in 200+ Google ranking factors that decide a web page rank in search engine result pages, TRUE! But Backlink is not the only factor that decides a web page’s rank in Google, that’s also the truth.

Building backlinks from the first day is good, but building tones of backlinks straight away from the first day may bring you a penalty by Google.

I have seen beginners doing this, this is one of the most common approaches in getting success in Blogging used by newbies. But in the end, they failed! Because everything takes time, thus SEO is also.

To bring lots of backlinks in, they start using unethical backlinks building techniques or buying them which will impact your blog badly in the near future when Google smell you doing this.

Using unethical techniques or buying links may bring you some traffic and you might see an increase in your rankings temporarily but it won’t take much longer than one week or month to washed out away.

4. No Linking To Others

This is found that beginners usually have problems in linking to others. If you also think twice before linking to others’ resources then you are also making this mistake as an amateur blogger.

If you are not linking to others, how can you expect others to link you?

There are a lot of benefits in linking to other blogs within your niche, here are a few of them:

  • You build good relation with the fellow blogger
  • Chances of getting linked back
  • You are building a community
  • Google loves blogs that link to other relevant sources because it shows you care for your readers
  • It allows readers to read further relevant information on the same topic

And always remember, Blogging is all about GIVE & TAKE.

Always link to other relevant sources where it makes sense, but make sure you are linking to authority websites. Never link to irrelevant blogs and blogs with a high spam score.

5. Sharing Only Their Stuff

It is quite related to the 4th mistake in this list, the same misconception in newbies stop them from sharing others content. They think they are helping their competitors to grow, but blogging is all out give and take.

Everyone does this same mistake in starting their journey. Are they selfish?

No! this is a natural tendency of humans to be selfish to a certain extend. This is where the 70-30 rule comes in the frame.

Let me explain it to you…

At the starting of your blogging journey, 70% of the stuff that you share through your social handles should be of other bloggers you want to build relationships with, and the other 30% should be yours.

It will provide an initial boost to your blog, if you are sharing others content then there are high chances that they will share yours too. Also, you are building strong relationships with your fellow bloggers.

6. Ignoring Social Media

Social media is very powerful. don’t you think?

It is, right? But new bloggers usually forget about this power. And complain that they have written 10+ quality content but no one is coming to read their blog. Let me ask you something, how will they come to read your content?

SEO takes time, you can not assume to rank quicker when you have a newly created blog with few posts. So, until your posts rank in a good position on Google, what should you do?

Use the power of Social Media, reach the target audience who are interested in your content. Start promoting your content on social media and let them consume your content.

If they found your content qualitative, they will be converted from temporary visitors to permanent readers.

In the initial days, social media can work as watering your new blog by sending relevant traffic when you have no other traffic source.

7. Focus On Earning Only

That’s the main reason why 90% of bloggers fail in making a successful blogging career. Because they want money to roll into their bank account from day one.

Everything takes time, normally a blog takes 6 – 12 months to earn the first dollar if you put your efforts consistently. It took me around 7 months to generate mine.

Also, newbies only focus on earning not on providing value without expecting anything in return.

First, you should keep in mind that you should help others through your blog, money is the second thing that would come along with your work with time.

8. Focus On Quantity Over Quality

Publishing new blog posts daily won’t help you, it sounds like a writing machine.

Focus on creating quality content than creating content in quantity. Don’t go behind the number, go for the quality.

I have seen new amateur blogs where newbies just finish their posts in 500 – 800 words and publishing the same kind of articles daily. They think that publishing more posts will make their blog, an authority blog.

But that’s not the game, there are tons of blog posts already published on the same topic you have written yours on. How can Google promote you on the first page?

This is where the quality of your content matters, does your content fulfil the searcher’s intent, is it really helpful.

9. Starting With Free Hosting Or Domain

For saving money, beginners start with free hosting or domain. Yes, there are free hosting providers are also available but they are just meant to be for testing and learning purposes only.

Because it is not recommended to proceed with a free hosting provider when you are serious about blogging. Because there are many cons of free hosting providers, in short, you can not make money from blogging through free hosting.

Also, not with the free domain like .xyz .tk and so on…

But if money is stopping you to start your blog then consider going with the Google Blogger platform which is absolutely free, even you don’t need to buy a domain if you are comfortable with the blogger domain.

There are many affordable hosting providers available where you can get excellent hosting service at a cheap price if you are impressed with the WordPress self-hosted platform.

So, which hosting provider is best for amateur bloggers?

A2 Hosting would be the best option if you are looking for low-budget but quality web hosting.

Top 10 Awful Mistakes That Every Amateur Blogger Make

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10. Not Building Email List

Have you heard it, Money is on the list.

It is complete truth, and if you are not building it from day one as an amateur blogger then it is your worst ever mistake.

Email marketing is a method of converting your one-time visitors into subscribers. Once they are on your list, you can reach them whenever you want and take them back to your blog.

You can let them be aware of the new blog post you published, your new product, new deals in your niche and many more things. It’s not that hard as well if you are scared because it sounds complicated to you.

Even if somehow, you got penalized by Google and lost your organic traffic then you can still get traffic and revenue through your email list.

11. Not Investing

Every amateur blogger makes this mistake at the starting of their career, even I did it when I started my blogging journey back in 2016.

By investing, I don’t mean investing on the blog only, rather investing in your own learning as well. Investing in courses, webinars, books to enhance your learning process.

When I started investing in premium tools, themes, plugins etc. I saw a boost in my blog’s growth. You should take blogging as a pure business, well it is a pure business.

So, never be afraid to invest in your blog and your learning too.


So, these are the 11 common mistakes that amateur bloggers make in their blogging journey. I have highlighted the most common mistakes found on amateur blogs, but trust me there are many more.

If you are making any of these amateur blogger mistakes then make sure you avoid them. Otherwise, it is going to hurt your blogging career.

I hope you found this article helpful for you, if you did then must share it with others and avoid them making these mistakes.

Also, let me know in the comments which mistake you were making before reading the post but now going to fix that.

Amateur blogger mistakes

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7 thoughts on “Top 10 Awful Mistakes That Every Amateur Blogger Make”

  1. You mentioned very vital points in your blog. I am new to blogging, and your blog provided me with many insights that can help me write quality articles. Thanks for sharing this, Ravi.

  2. Blogging mistake is common for an amateur. But, it’s good to know their mistakes as early as possible so that they can improve on it. Your article will help many newbie bloggers. Thank you.Blogging mistake is common for an amateur. But, it’s good to know their mistakes as early as possible so that they can improve on it. Your article will help many newbie bloggers. Thank you.

  3. Hi ravi,

    I also did lots of mistake during my initial days of blogging, I think my biggest mistake was not selecting one particular niche. When I realize this from that time am strick to one niche.
    I have one question can you please give some tips for email list building.
    You written in depth article., it’s definitely help newbie bloggers

    • Hey, Yogesh! Niche is very crucial in blogging. It needs 100% attention and well-research when finding a niche. You can try offering freebies for building emails such as free PDFs, courses and other free stuff your audience is interested in. This always works like a charm.


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