5 Effective Ways To Earn From Affiliate Marketing Without A Website Or Blog

Everyone is looking to find the ways to make money online…

Whenever we search for this, we found the best way to make money online called Affiliate Marketing.

I am sure you are familiar with this word if you are planning to earn living online. Affiliate Marketing is the best way to make money online from the Internet.

When I have started blogging I always prefer to use affiliate marketing to monetize my blog compare than Adsense and others ads network. And happy to say that I got my first online income from the Affiliate marketing and still earning some cents from Adsense which is nothing.

Affiliate marketing helped me to earn more than I have invested in my blog. All is going good, still, I don’t depend on AdSense.

For people who don’t know what is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is the art of selling products online. You don’t need to have a product to sell. You only need to promote other seller’s products.

In Simple Words, In Affiliate Marketing you only have to refer peoples to purchase any particular product if they purchase that product then you will get the commission.

The Commission is not fixed. It totally depends on what product you are promoting. It can be $1 to $500 or more. This image will help you to understand Affiliate Marketing more effectively. This is the Process of Affiliate Marketing.

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You can read more about from here.

No words to explain how easy and simple is to make money through Affiliate Marketing.  If you are planning to start Affiliate Marketing then you must check out the list of the Affiliate Programs you should join.

But when beginners start Affiliate Marketing, they don’t have any idea about How to Promote Affiliate Products?. It is quite simple but you need to do the right way to earn huge income out of it.

Here at StayMeOnline, I am continuously sharing tips and trick for the beginners to start affiliate marketing. Today with this post, I am going to clear all your doubts about how to promote affiliate products?.

Ways To Promote Affiliate Product?

There are tons of ways to promote Affiliate Products for earning online. But not all method will work for you, I have seen many people who don’t have any blog or website to promote products but still, they are earning well.

SO first, let me share promotion methods for the people who don’t have a website or blog. And these will help you to earn from Affiliate Marketing Without A Website or Blog…

Social Media

Social Media, StayMeOnline

Social Media can be the best option for you to generate affiliate sales fast. You can easily share your affiliate product links with your friends or followers on Social Media sites.

This is simple as you promote your newly published blog post on all your social media accounts. You can make this task more easy by using a Social Media Management tool.

Social Media Management tool will help you to manage all your social media account from one dashboard so you can easily share affiliate links to all your social media account by only one click.

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While using social media for promoting affiliate links, you need a large audience you can share links with. And all should be interested in your niche (Means the product you are promoting).


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I have seen many YouTubers who totally depend on Affiliate Marketing for their income instead of Adsense. Their total income comes from the affiliate marketing, this can be the more good way than social media for you.

Creating a video of review for the service you used and share a genuine review about that product/service, put your link in the description.

Make sure to share the valuable review, pros as well as cons of that product/service. It will help you to increase the trust for you in front of Audience.

Creating a channel on Youtube and uploading video doesn’t mean you will earn huge income. Rather, you will have to work on the channel to increase the count of subscriber because the more people watch your videos the more income you will generate.

Here are some hand-picked articles which will help with your YouTube channel:



Hubpages is a place where you can write anything which you like and you don’t need to have a website or blog for this.

You can publish posts here and earn from the article you published, Yes, I am right. You will earn money for publishing articles only, your earning will be depended on how many views you get?

Hubpages is a revenue sharing website where they share revenue with their creators. The platform uses Google Ad-sense and the advertisements are added to each article that you publish. You can read more about here…

This platform can be a source for you to earn from the affiliate marketing, If you don’t have a website or blog to create an publish articles then it is what you need.

You can write articles on Hubpages and easily publish it, add your affiliate links but remember to add only where needed. Promote your article to increase the traffic on your article.



E-books are the very helpful for the people to learn something they want to. It is a very easy and helpful resource which can help us to learn anything without going anywhere.

Many bloggers and Affiliate Marketers are earning passive income from selling e-books on their blog or website. At the same time, Affiliate Marketers use e-books to make affiliate income.

So, why don’t you?

You can create an e-book on the affiliate product you are willing to promote, the e-book can be about anything like how to use or any other tips about that product. Place your related affiliate products links where needed in the e-book.

As you know, E-books are the easier and helpful source to learn anything, so readers will definitely take care of your recommendation. This action will be converted in $$$ for you.

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Paid Advertising

This is a very genuine way to promote anything online, I know this is not free but proven the way of promotion. There are tons of platforms you can use to promote your Affiliate Links.

Some best-known platforms are Google Adwords and Facebook ads. The total spend amount totally depends on the scale you want to promote your affiliate products on.

The bigger scale will be, the higher amount you will have to pay for advertising. I will recommend you to use Facebook Ads because it’s cheap and effective.

I know, what are you wondering?

Google doesn’t allow to promote Affiliate links/Products, You are absolutely right…

So, why I am recommending Paid Advertising?

Instead of promoting your affiliate product directly you can promote the content where you have added your affiliate links. Like, you can promote your Videos & Ebook.

With the paid advertising, you will be allowed to target the specific audience who are interested in your content which you are promoting and your affiliate products as well which you recommended in that.

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These all 5 methods are the best and effective to promote affiliate product without having a website or blog. But one thing I want to recommend you…

As you know that you can promote affiliate products without having a website or blog and many are doing same and earning huge income. But I will recommend you to have a website or a blog, this will make easy for you to earn from affiliate marketing.

I am recommending this because If you will have a website or blog then there will be tons of ways available for you to promote your affiliate products. And remember the more ways you will have, the more earning opportunity you will get.

I will share all the ways you will get for promoting affiliate links if you have a blog or website in upcoming posts. So done for this post now…

If you have any suggestion and query then must share in comments, I will be happy to answer them…

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  1. having a website is too easy now but maintaining and leading traffic to that website is the difficult part. These five method helps to drive traffic to my affiliate pages .
    thank you and i appreciate your hard work.


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