10 Affiliate Marketing Myths Which Are Misleading You

There are many affiliate marketing myths beginners have in mind and going away from affiliate marketing.

They have negative thoughts about it and think that they can start affiliate marketing, it is just a time-waste method to make money online.

But it is totally wrong! Affiliate marketing is the best method to make money online that can help you to earn passive income online.

I am going to share the top 10 affiliate marketing myths that stopping to you jump into affiliate marketing.

10 Affiliate Marketing Myths People Have In Mind

Newbies have a lot of misconceptions in their mind which are keeping them away from affiliate marketing. They are still away from the best method to make money online.

I am going to discuss the 10 top affiliate marketing myths and tell you the truth behind them.

Myth 1: It Is Easy To Start

Most of the newbies who want to start earning money online think that it is very easy.

You just only need to find products and start promoting thme. So, you will get some commission and you will earn millions of dollars.

If you also have this kind of mindset about affiliate marketing then you are wrong. You’ll never become a millionaire by doing this simple, easy task.

There are lots of strategies that affiliate marketers execute to earn a decent amount of money.

Here is a fact, only 3% of total affiliate marketers are actually earning money from affiliate marketing. If it is as simple as it looks like, then why other 97% are getting failed.

Myth 2: It Is A Get Rich Quick Scheme

People can make money with affiliate marketing but it will take some time to start earning.

Affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme in which you start today and next month money will start rolling into your account.

It takes time to start earning, you will not become rich overnight in affiliate marketing. You have to learn the whole aspects of affiliate marketing, what are the profitable niches and proper strategies you should follow? For this, you have to invest enough time in learning.

So, don’t believe in this mythology that affiliate marketing is a get rich quick scheme.

Myth 3: It Needs A Lot Of Money To Start

When people think to start affiliate marketing they might be wondering about spending lots of money on it but that’s not true.

To start affiliate marketing, you don’t need to invest a lot of money on it to create a professional-looking website, promoting by ads or hiring people for work.

You just need a small investment to start a blog or website to promote products. However, it is not mandatory, you can start without a blog or website.

If you want to start a blog for affiliate marketing, you can do it with small invest and design your website yourself to save some bucks.

So, this is a complete myth that you need a lot of money to start affiliate marketing. You just need the knowledge of strategies to promote products, build trust etc.

Myth 4: You Can Earn A Lot Of Money Without Learning

Everything needs proper knowledge to earn money from it in terms of business or any work. You should have the proper knowledge to run your business.

If you don’t have proper knowledge about affiliate marketing and thinking of earning a hell lot of money from it. Then you are completely wrong my friend.

You have to acquire enough knowledge before you start your affiliate marketing business.

Without learning, you can’t succeed whether it is Affiliate marketing or anything else. Here are some best affiliate marketing courses to learn affiliate marketing.

Myth 5: You Need A Blog Or Website

When it comes to affiliate marketing most of the people imagine a blog and a professional-looking website to promote affiliate products.

If you also think the same then you are wrong. Running an affiliate marketing business doesn’t require you to have a blog; you can simply promote affiliate products by other promotional channels like social media, paid ads and sales funnels.

You can also promote by using your YouTube channel which you can easily start for free if you don’t have one already.

So, it is a myth that you need a blog and website to start affiliate marketing.

Myth 6: Affiliate Marketing Is Not A Serious Business

Most of the people believe in a myth that affiliate marketing is part-time or a temporary business.

It will not become a full-time passive income source.

But the truth is, Affiliate marketing is a full-time business like other businesses. You can make it as a passion income source only you need to work hard and maintain consistency.

There are many affiliate marketers all over the world who are making good money from affiliate marketing, you can include me also.

I left my job to become a full-time blogger and affiliate marketer, now I am earning my living online and I am my own boss now.

All this happened just because of Affiliate marketing.

Myth 7: Customer Hate Buying Through Affiliate

Yes, this was a truth some years ago when people, especially in India, don’t trust to buy products through someone’s affiliate link because there was a misconception in their mind that it adds some extra bucks in the total cost of the product.

But now, everything got changed as per the time, online shoppers are smarter now. They know what is affiliate marketing and affiliate links.

Instead of hating, now visitors support affiliate marketers by buying through their affiliate links.

There is one more thing that helped a lot, which is Affiliate Disclosure…

Affiliate disclosure became a essential page all blogs promoting affiliate products. It helps in visitors knowing that links added on the page are affiliate links and will not add any extra cost to you.

A affiliate disclosure section looks like this:

affiliate marketing myths

This is the affiliate disclosure I have added on all the pages which include affiliate links, I have clearly mentioned that it will not add any extra cost to you and I will get a commission from company profit.

Myth 8: You Need Lots Of Traffic To Execute Sales

Most of the people waste most of their time in gaining more and more traffic to their website. They think they will only get sales when thousands of people visit their website daily.

But that’s not true, huge traffic doesn’t mean that you will end up with lots of affiliate sales and earn more money.

You should focus on targeted audiences who are looking for your products. This is a key point in affiliate marketing.

I have something to share with you, I got my first dollar from my blog it was through a affiliate sale. That time, my blog was getting less than 100 pageviews a day but I could able to make a sale.

So, don’t waste your valuable time in gaining more visitors. You only need to focus on gaining targeted visitors. So that you will increase your sales and earn more money from your affiliate marketing business.

Myth 9: Affiliate Marketers Succeed By Luck

Do you also believe in this affiliate marketing myth?

I don’t know why people say that people become successful by their luck. Affiliate marketing is not a game of luck although it is a proper business in which you help people by telling them about any product.

And it’s totally their decision whether they will buy it or not. You can only build trust among your audience if you do that then you will get your gift for your hard work in terms of affiliate commission.

But if you can’t build trust among your audience then it’s your fault, not bad luck.

Instead of focusing on these kinds of things, do hard work. Because there is not any shortcut to be a millionaire.

Myth 10: All Profitable Niches Are Already Taken

Newbies have that common question: which profitable product should I promote because everything is already promoting by top authority bloggers.

For this, I’ll say that there are a number of problems people are facing nowadays, you only need to analyse people in your niche and figure out that problem and find a perfect product that will solve their problems.

And hence 80% of work is done if you have successfully found a product that will solve a problem why people will not buy.

So, don’t think that the whole market is captured by top authority bloggers. Keep always looking for an amazing product once you’ll find it and affiliate marketing is waiting for you.


If you are not taking action then you will never become a successful person in anything in your life. You need to be a quick action taker, affiliate marketing is a 100% working method you can jump into, to start making money online.

I have shared 10 affiliate marketing myths above, newbies have most of them in their mind and going away from affiliate marketing. Trust me, affiliate marketing is the best method to make passive income online.

Do share this post if you found it helpful, it will help newbies to eliminate their myths about affiliate marketing.

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