StayMeOnline is a Blog about Make Money Online, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing and YouTubing. We are covering these topics currently and helping our visitors to Make Money Online and earn their living online. Many Peoples don’t want to work 9 am to 5 pm office jobs and I am one of them. There are a lot of Cons of a full-time office job.

Our goal is to teach our visitors about Make Money Online tips and ways. The main goal is to distribute knowledge about the Blogging in India and as a blogger, this is very tough in India to explain people about your earning ways or profession when people ask you about your profession then it is very tough to explain your work because they don’t know what is Blogging?

Many people in India thoughts that “Earning online is impossible or a scam” So they never try to earn online but we are developing and we are adopting digital things and I believe that one day we will reach out goal.

Man Behind StayMeOnline

Ravi Dixit, StayMeOnline, Ravi

I am Ravi Dixit from New Delhi and I am the man behind StayMeOnline. I am a passionate blogger and love to blog. I have started blogging in June 2016, in that month I had purchased Hosting and Domain for my Blog and StayMeOnline Born. But the one year was only for trying and increasing knowledge about WordPress. I did not monetize my blog. I took one year for training. So the Actual Date of Starting Blogging as professionally is May 2017 when I renew my Domain and Hosting. I start writing about what I learn.

When I was in 11th class I started reading blogs like Shoutmeloud, Problogger, SmartPassiveIncome, and lots of more. But for starting a blog I didn’t have the resource like Laptops, Fixed Internet Connection but I did not give up. I start making a blog on Blogspot platform but that time I failed but this failure taught me a lot and motivates me to start another blog.

I was just waiting to complete my study and join a job. So the day came, I passed my 12th and take admission in BBA in distance program and joined a call center for earning. But I never like to work in an office from 9 am to 5 pm timetable. I always like to work freely in a nomad. So this job didn’t suit me.

After working 4 Months in the call center I saved some money so decided to purchase a laptop but my budget was very low. I had saved only 8 Thousand rupees but that time I really want to purchase a laptop so I found an alternative and this also suit my budget.

I had Purchased a Panta Windows Laptop Cum Tablet in month June 2016 this cost me 7k and then I purchased .com Domain and WordPress Managed Hosting from Godaddy which cost me 1200 rupees. And I started blogging with my Tablet. But after 6 months of being Jobless, Hurts me a lot. So I decided to do a job again.

staymeonline, about

Then I again joined 9 am to 5 pm job but this time I chose a better job than previous, I joined a web services company but my salary was very poor but That company taught me many new things about internet and computer.

I have adjusted a lot in this office and because I need money and I promised myself to set my blog first then quitting the job. And now I complete my 10 months and I am working there currently.(I have left now)

The best thing for me is, I have purchased a new laptop. and started blogging again. I have faced tons of Problems for reaching this place where I am today.

My new laptop

I just want to help people to know about every method which helps them to Make Money Online.

I Know The Jobs are the Important way to fulfill the basic needs, I am not saying that we should not depend on the office jobs.

I don’t like because I don’t like to work on the timetable and also don’t like to work in under of anyone. Don’t want to follow anyone’s order. Blogging gives me the freedom to work and a good income to support my expenses.

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