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I don’t know where to start…

It’s started from when I got a thought of becoming a Businessman, want to start own business that time don’t know which business to start but I only had that thought.

Why this thought came to my mind?

I was in school and seeing people going to their office according to a schedule of 9 AM to 5 PM, It continues from Monday and ends on Saturday.

I always think about how they manage their other works or how they enjoy their life because they get Sunday only to everything…

I know some peoples are very comfortable in this but I will be not…

I chose the Commerce stream in 11th because I wanted to be a businessman…

How StayMeOnline Started?

In the 11th class, I found someone’s online earning report and started thinking that can really one make money online?

So, Googled about it… How to make money online?

Somehow, I found a post of ShoutMeLoud… That post changed my thinking about making money online.

I started reading every post one by one, this increased my knowledge about Blogging, WordPress, Make money online, SEO and Affiliate Marketing.

I was not only reading posts from ShoutMeLoud rather some other famous blogs about the same niche like Problogger, SmartPassiveIncome and many more…

After reading a lot of posts I got the good knowledge about blogging and other related niches I am writing about.

Meanwhile, of reading blog posts, I tried to create mobile websites using Xtgem and Wapka, Maybe, you know about them…

Created and deleted some websites in my school time, when I passed out from 12th and complete my study.

I joined a Call centre to earn some money to purchase a Laptop to start my own blog and share what I learnt.

And took admission in BBA, I couldn’t earn too much because of these reasons…

  • Getting a low salary
  • Don’t like working at 9 am to 5 pm jobs
  • I took admission and my classes were about the start so I quit the job

But in that almost three months, I saved some money and purchased a Tablet which I could use to create my blog.

staymeonline, about
My first windows tablet

This was not good as compare that laptop or computer, However, I can use it to create a WordPress blog…

But however, a good alternative of a laptop if you need a laptop and don’t have money to purchase…

On May 15 2016, I purchased staymeonline.com domain and hosting from GoDaddy both cost my 1200 rupees…

Installed WordPress and setup StayMeOnline using a free theme called Schema Lite. This is a good theme if you are trying to find a free WordPress theme.

But that Tablet didn’t work like a Laptop, I still needed a laptop. I quit my BBA classes because it was distance education and planned to join a job again. (It was not easy for me)

This time the job I joined was good than my last job which was a call centre… I was working for a web services company,

I am managing both together with my office job and my blog, after working 10 months I finally saved money to purchase a laptop.

So, I purchased a Lenovo’s Laptop in August 2017 which cost me 37000 Rupees.

My new laptop
My First Laptop

It didn’t go well, I lost this laptop on Nov 16 2018… It didn’t complete one year…

It was very difficult to manage StayMeOnline from a mobile, so I decided to purchase a computer this time because It can’t be stolen. 🙂

I purchased a computer on Nov 26, 2018, just after 10 days…

This could be happened just because of my Father, he is too supporting me even he doesn’t know what exactly I am doing full day sitting in front of the computer.

Introducing StayMeOnline Team

I don’t have a big team where I have many peoples to work, I was flying solo in the first two years of StayMeOnline’s journey but now I have some friends who are helping me.

Ravi Dixit | Founder

Ravi Dixit

I am the Founder of StayMeOnline, a blogger and affiliate marketer from New Delhi, India.

I am blogging since 2016 On 15 May 2016, I purchased StayMeOnline.com domain from that day I came into blogging.

I am a freedom-loving person who loves to live a life without any boundaries, blogging gives me the same which I love to.

Apart from blogging, I love travelling a lot… Travelling is more than fun for me, this can make me free from every stress I am facing.

I didn’t travel too much so far and didn’t travel out of India yet, But yes one day I will. Here are some moments which I captured…

My travelling doesn’t end here, I have visited many other India’s cities as well but don’t have pictures to show.

And planning a foreign trip very soon…

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This is about me, let me introduce other team members of StayMeOnline…

Abhishek Verma

Abhishek Verma

He is a Blogger from Lucknow, India and the founder of Qdient Enterprises, He is a Writer on StayMeOnline. He writes about Blogging and SEO.

He is not the only Author rather a Moderator on StayMeOnline Forum, he always helps me to fix the issues which I face on StayMeOnline.

Apart from work, We also play PUBG together… 😉

We are not working on StayMeOnline only rather some other blogs too on this blog Network.

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He is one of the most talented persons I have ever met in my life, He is a developer on StayMeOnline.

I was using Shared Hosting before and months ago planned to move to Cloud VPS, I was not having a bit of knowledge about Linux.

He taught me everything and migrated StayMeOnline from Shared to Cloud hosting.

Apart from a Developer of StayMeOnline, He is also Moderator of StayMeOnline Forum.

Piyush Suthar

Know About StayMeOnline & Our Team

Piyush is a very young talent I have ever seen, He is only 15 years old and studying in 9th class.

He is a website designer, he helps me to design my websites.

Along with design websites, he also helps me to choose graphics to use in website and blog posts. 

Follow Piyush: Facebook | Twitter 

This is the team of StayMeOnline, I know this is very small but as time will go, we will get more members into it…

This page will be updated when something new happens which we can add to it…

Till then, Stay Yourself Online…

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