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❝ Ravi Dixit the guy behind StayMeOnline blog, he helps me a lot to set up my Website. He is really good at the backend of a website. He is like a friend, Who help me to overcome any problem as a blogger.❞
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Bitu Rauth
❝ StayMeOnline is the site that comes to my mind whenever I have trouble with WordPress, the tutorials are really easy to understand. And the forum is also helpful.
Thanks, StayMeOnline. ❞
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Piyush Suthar
Web Designer & Developer
❝ StayMeOnline is very helpful for beginner bloggers. Ravi Dixit helped me to start my own blog when I had no knowledge of WordPress and blogging.
Thanks Ravi, for creating this place. ❞
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Rohit Sah

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Step By Step Guide To Start A Successful Blog

When I was starting out, there were a lot of questions I had in my mind. There are many steps that every blogger has to do when they plan to start a blog.

I was not alone who had tons of questions before starting my first blog; RATHER, many other people like me also have when planning to start their blog.

They don’t even know what the process of starting a blog is. Also, How can he make money from his blog?

I have created this step-by-step guide which will tell you the exact process to start your first ever blog. Or, if you have started a blog already, then it will guide you on what to do next.

This guide contains more than 9000+ words in 12 detailed steps from choosing a NICHE to make money from a blog.

It will not only help you to start a blog; instead, it will help you to run your blog for the long run and how you can grow your blog.

I’ve seen many beginner bloggers, they start a blog and work very hard for a few days or months, but when they failed to earn money, they quit blogging.

That’s why I created this comprehensive guide to help every beginner in starting a blog as well as how they can make money from that.

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